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8:00 am as you can see, geico's customer satisfaction is at 97%. mmmm tasty. and cut! very good. people are always asking me how we make these geico adverts. so we're taking you behind the scenes. this coffee cup, for example, is computer animated. it's not real. geico's customer satisfaction is quite real though. this computer-animated coffee tastes dreadful. geico. 15 minutes could save you 15 % or more on car insurance. someone get me a latte will ya, please? ed. topping our agenda today, the president is starting a massive pr offensive to -- part one the president and vice president will canvass the country taking their argument straight to the american people. then part two, an obama patented
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social immediate y'all campaign including twitter outreach and a new page on the white house website titles now is the time. part three convincing lawmakers on the hill. that's probably the toughest part. the biggest challenge by far with the right already signaling an uphill climb at the capital. >> the emphasis for all of this is the shootingcapital. this is stuff they have always wanted to do and now this has created the political climate to pursuit it. >> you have to convince the congress that this is the right thing to do. you can't force them to do it. you shouldn't force them to do it. it's democracy and you can make good arguments. >> adding bilt to the read beat rhetoric from the right t national rifle association, the nra ramping up its fight and defending its new ad featuring the president's daughters. >> it wasn't about the president's daughters, what it is about is the fact that this whole debate is how to keep
8:02 am
children safe. we believe that every parent ought to be able to be comfortable knowing that their children are safe and if that requires armed security, it's as good for the working man as it is for the president. >> joining me from washington is nbc news capital hill correspondent kelly o'donnell. linds yay graham, his i'm confident that there will be bipartisan opposition and then roy blunt says that this is the president trying to curbs the rights of middle class americans. >> reporter: certainly we don't expect anything coming from the republican-led house so the pressure really falls on the senate democrats. and what we expect is that when they come back next week, of course we have got the inauguration and then senior aides tell us they plan to meet with the democrats within the senate to talk about the president's proposals and to try to figure out what is their best
8:03 am
plan of action. and what i'm hearing is what they may consider is should they take all of the ideas the president put forward and put it together in one sweeping bill and -- an assault weapons ban is widely believed, at least in this political moment to not have any chance of going forward, but something like universal background checks might have more appeal in both parties. to give you a sense of some of the pressure the president wants to put on congress, here's how he asked voters and constituents to talk to congress. >> ask your member of congress if they support universal background checks to keep guns out of the wrong hands. ask them if they support a ban on military weapons and high capacity magazines. and if they say no, ask them why not. >> reporter: so one of the issues you hear from lawmakers is if they do create new laws, how do they know they would be effective? that's one of the things that in
8:04 am
covering congress you see that up close, is while they understand that there is a critical need, it's an issue that matters to people, what can they do to would actually make a difference if they put all this political capital into it. so background checks might be a place to begin. high capacity magazines, there might be a place to start with that. well, manufactures will then adjust to work around whatever a new law would b it's complex, it's difficult and one of the most important things to watch is the impact of the president's sort of campaign style tour, when he visits places around the country, urges people to take action, will we hear the phones going off in this place? will people be emailing and writing to their members of congress demanding some sort of action? that's the sort of thing that members of congress pay attention to. and we don't have a sense yet of where people are in terms of not just the polling, but what would they be willing to do to reach
8:05 am
out to their own personal member of congress. >> the onus is now put squarely on the democratically controlled senate. what has harry reid's reaction to this been? he is a pro gun senator. >> reporter: there are probably at least a dozen democrats who have very high scores when the nra does it's review of voting. so there are a lot of democrats in the senate who are strong gun advocates and have constituents who believe in that. so harry reid is one of those people who has said an assault weapons ban will not pass the house so it is not likely the to be something the senate should even deal with should it become law. he made that statement on his local statement in his home state. that's a sign so he will have to be looking at what is really doable in terms of bringing legislation forward. so that gives me the sense at least right now that an assault weapons ban is something that at least democrats are really anxious to pursue. >> kelley or donnell.
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we want to bring in our political power panel for this hour. msnbc analyst karen funny, also a columnist for the kill and republican strategist hogan gibley. i want to start out with this op-ed that came out from the president in the connecticut post. in part he says now is the time, quote t truth is there's only one voice powerful enough to make this happen, yours. if you think we have suffered too much pain to allow this to continue, put down the paper, turn off the computer and get your members of congress on record. ask them why getting an a-grade from the gun lobby is more important than parents' peace of mind when they drop their child off for first grade. we see how the bipartisanship in d.c. works but the onus is on regular every day americans. >> reporter: if you consider the millions of dollars that the nra has spent on lobbying to make their case to intimidate members
8:07 am
of congress and their ratings scores and all that. they have outspent the other side, they have largely held a lot of the playing field on their own, so i think part of the need here is to sort of decrease the intensity gap, because we know that there's a relatively small group on that side that are very intense, but there are more americans who agree with the president's ideas on reducing gun violence, making sure that guns don't get in the hands of people who are not supposed to have them. so there's a way to increase that intensity gap but also the voices that are engaged in fighting this fight. >> the loudest voice is the nra right now, the biggest obstacle of what the president wants to do and they have been loud and proud about that they think that this is trouncing on the rights of everyday americans. "the washington post" says the group and it's allies confident in their traditional ability to
8:08 am
influence congressional action consider state capitols the prime battleground and they're looking to shore up their inch flins where they may be vulnerable such as democratically led states. states like new york, that's done, now in states like maryland and/or delaware, where new gun legislation could be coming down the pike at the state level. >> right, well, look, let's be honest, i don't speak for the nra, but it appears that they're going to try to take this to the state level to try and counter balance what president obama's going to try to do from the local level as well. the only way this gets down to what the president wants is to have a ground swelling from a grass roots level. the way he won the election is the way he's going to try to move and make some amendments to try and get some gurns out of circulation. but it's just like the mothers against drunk driving type of an issue. for a while people didn't want it, then they thought it was silly and then it became a
8:09 am
ground swell of grass roots support. thankly it's smart for this reason. it kind of gives cover for the democrats, also some -- republicans that are looking to come forward the president's -- if the state legislators feel that type of pressure, it will trickle up in this particular instance to the federal level and they will have to make some changes. >> interesting, though, the voices coming out of d.c., talking about impeachment. i just want to play senator rand paul appearing on fox and what he was saying about president obama. take a listen. >> our founding fathers were very concerned about having a separation of powers, they didn't want to let the president become a king. i'm afraid that president obama may have this king complex, sort of developing and we're going to make sure that it doesn't happen. >> so chris, i want to ask you based off of that, that's not the first time we have heard that type of language because we have these impeachment threats
8:10 am
that are coming from other congressional leaders, the threat of impeachment coming from tray rid dell saying we have completely lost their checks and balances in this country, the congress needs to hold the president accountable for the decisions he's taking. and steve stocktop throwing out the impeachment word, what's the swell like in washington, d.c. with people throwing around that word, based on, you know, executive orders that have been put in place before by president clinton and by president bush 41 that did not get reaction like this? >> thomas, i these you're seeing a lot of rhetoric coming from very conservative parts of the republican party. this is not something you hear from congressional leaders like speaker boehner or senate leader mitch mcconnell. this is something that's coming very much from the right. but it does underscore the problem that president obama is going to have and that is that no matter what kind of ground swell he puts forward from the grass roots, it's going to be
8:11 am
very difficult to convince house that's controlled by republicans that they need to move on this. what he would need to do is he needs to move those moderate republicans and we saw this happening with the sandy aid where he didn't put the sandy relief bill on the floor, moderate republicans like peter king from new york, other atlanta -- the speaker brought that up very quickly without the support of the entire caucus. he broke what we call here in washington the hastert rule, we need a majority of the majority to bring something forward. he would need to do something with guns, and without moderate republicans calling on the speaker to bring something to the floor, it's going to be very difficult for the speaker in leadership to have the political cover that they need. so if the president needs to target somebody, it's these moderate republicans and get the people in their districts riled up. >> karen, do you agree with that assessme assessment?
8:12 am
>> i think there is a dangerous for the republican party here in the same way we have seen in a number of these other debate where is the fringe, the far right gets so ridiculous. saying that the president is using children as human shields, likening him to hitler and stallen, and some of that language, 1776, talking about if blacks had guns we would haven't had slavery. that is so craze yesterday and so frightening to so many people given how crazy it is. that will pull the republican party too far to the right if they're not careful. and moderate republicans, particularly if their constituents are saying, background checks seem pretty reasonable to us, but what's this crazy talk? i mean republicans have to be very careful how they also message this so they don't continue to be seen as part of those voices of intoll rareranc part of those voices of just saying no and not willing to tackle problems, particular liz we have got the immigration debate. we know we have got more on the
8:13 am
debt ceiling, we know that republicans are already losing on that. so we have got to be very careful on that. the president knows that and that's part of the strategy of going directly to northwestern people. >> let's take a look at a new cnn time orc poll that talks about that stricter gun control laws and what the temperature is. 55% favor districter gun control laws. and then if we look back just a little bit further to "the washington post," abc poll, they talk about armed guards in schools. this is where the dichotomy in school -- the poll shows that 55% support having armed guards in school whereas 52% oppose that. and karen, i want to start with you on this one. because for the people on the left who are proud to say they support second amendment rights, we look at that contrast there where people want to see districter gun control laws, but they also think that there is a
8:14 am
legitimate discussion to be had about having armed guards at school. >> we haven't had that discussion. remember the -- thomas -- when you talk about having armed guards, you talk about arming teachers went have four states in the union where teacher are allowed to have concealed carry weapons but they don't have to tell the parents of their students that they have weapons even if they're con zee sealed. if we're going to have this conversation, we have got to talk about what about the lie ability issues, how do we insurance that children could not get to those guns. we know that in some of the horrible incident wes have seen, there have been guards and they weren't able to stop, and my goodness, we had a horrible incident on a military base and they weren't able to stop the carna carnage. the biggest thing is that the type of society we want to evolve into over time is what we are talking about now. >> new york was the first state to beef up gun control laws
8:15 am
after the newtown shooting and california already considering to have the toughest gun laws in the country, well they could go even further now. adam shift is going to weigh in on that. plus one of the most inspiration story lines of the season. inspiring fans despite the loss of his grandmother and his girlfriend, dying within hours of each other last season. it was essential to his heisman trophy campaign, but it was not his girlfriend. manti te'o says he was the victim of a cruel hoax. do you believe he was? >> d.c.
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just 24 hours after president obama's major announcement on reducing gun
8:19 am
violence, the gun control debate is now front and center in washington ready to widen the divide between the democrats and republicans. and the president's proposals include universal background checks, proposing a ban on military style assault weapons, limiting magazines to 10 rounds. as we have been covering, there is this strong, real push back from the right and even certain democrats about this issue. why do you think there's been such a strong and visceral response? >> there is certainly been a strong response from both sides. many gun safety advocates have long brideled about the fact that we haven't been able to do anything. it's been a decade since we have made any progress on this issue. and you have lawmakers that are very beholden to the gun manufacturing industry. but i two think this is the time and i think we're already seeing
8:20 am
some of these suburban republicans being affected by what they're hearing from their constitue constituents. they're starting to support gun safety -- it looks most promising on the universal background checks, we have a real shot on the -- as well as the laws that go after gun traffickers. i introduced a bill two years ago on cracking down on stray purchasers. but in this crime mat i think we can propose a -- >> optimistic tick is good. being optimistic is nice but we know what has existed there previously and representative goodlat who is on the oversight
8:21 am
of gun regulations saying there is no appetite for this and john boehner has said that republicans will review these proposals. do you think it's just lip service from the right that we're getting, okay, that the american people are hearing that they're going to take a look at this, but they don't really mean it? >> certainly there are some in the gop who are giving us lip service and they just want the thing to die down and go away quietly and they figure the more they can stall, the better their chances. but there are some who aren't going to step forward, moderate gop member who is aren't going to co-sponsor an assault weapon ban or a bill to provide yuan versus wall background checks. that if they actually vote on it, they will hear from their constituents, quite frankly they would rather not have to vote on this so it would be fine if this got put off indefinitely.
8:22 am
but if the president is successful and i think he's got a real chance here doing what he does best, going out to the american public, i think these modern gop members and waving democratic members can be kept in line and we can pass some of these very important measures. >> the president is trying very hard to get a caucus across the country as opposed to colleagues like yourself on capitol hill. lawmakers need to be held accountable to the constituents for any type of interest groups that they are curveball beholden too. >> what's more important, doing whatever it takes to get an aid raid from the gun lobby that funds their campaigns? or giving parents some peace of mind when they drop their child off for first grade? >> all right, do we all know that we're not going to be getting money out of politics any time soon and the nra has a strong invested hold in certain
8:23 am
elected leaders on capitol hill. but do you think there are some elected leaders like yourself who secretly want to work to get something passed through the house? >> i think there are many legislators who haven't been active on these issues but are becoming engaged. they're hearing from their constituents, they want to be engaged in this. i wish frankly the entire house could have been at the event with the president yesterday as i was. just to see some of the families that have been affected by gun violence. those in newtown and those who were affected by the shooting in virginia tech. this is the last audience anyone would ever want to be a part of, and that is an audience made up of those who have lost loved ones. but being in the room with them, it's all the more apparent, how can you look at these families
8:24 am
and be content with sitting on the sidelines and doing nothing. there are those lawmaker who is have been supportive but are going to become much more active and outspoken on this and others who have been opponents who are going to now reassess and already are, their views and i think come forward and be supportive. but thomas, you're absolutely right, this is going to be really tough. and i'm sure it's going to be the best fundraising quarter ever for the nra, but we are seeing now a group of organizations mobilizing in support of gun safety legislation to counter the impact of the nra and we have never really had that effective a counter balance as i think has been formed right now. >> all right, we're keeping a very close eye on developing stories coming us of algeria, where militants have claimed that 35 hostages were killed this morning. but there's also word of hope, an escape, some americans were among those reportedly being held hostage. plus grounded worldwide, all
8:25 am
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the faa indefinitely grounding boeing's new 787 dream liner keeping the plane from use until the battery problem is addressed. the international olympic committee stripped lance armstrong of a medal that he won in the 2000 games. and armstrong admits to using performance-enhancing drugs in an interview with oprah. legrandson james is the youngers nba player to score 20,000 points. con greats to him. what are you doing? nothing. are you stealing our daughter's school supplies and taking them to work? no, i was just looking for my stapler and my...
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sheriff tim mueller -- or executive orders by the president. in his letter, sheriff mueller says i refuse to part palt or stand idly by while my citizens are turned into criminals by the unguided actions of politicians. sheriff mueller, i think you have gotten a lot of attention by this letter you sent to the president. explain to us why you feel that you should not enforce a law that you would legally be obligated to enforce if it came down to that. >> well, actually, i'm not legally obligated nor required to enforce federal law. you can take the federal immigration law as a good example of sheriffs and local law enforcement around the country are not required nor are they supposed to enforce those types of laws.
8:34 am
so it is a separation of power, and it's my position that the linn county sheriff's office that myself or my deputies, that we enforce that regulation. >> you don't have to enforce a federal law, so what is the point of writing the vice president about this, haven't you stripped away your own power by automatically saying that. >> what i was talking about my own citizens were asking myself and my deputies what my position was on this and i needed to make it known to them and it became more and more questions were asked so instead of just having my deputy answer for me, i decided i would put this out and let them know and also i didn't hear why the information coming out of vice president biden's committee as far as what some of the proposals may be and i didn't see a lot of, you know, participation or outreach to
8:35 am
sheriffs and law enforcement out west, especially in my case pacific west. it sure wasn't anticipating the attention it got, that's for sure, we have a facebook page for the sheriff's office and we posted it on that to help them get the word out through social media through our own citizens and there's a number of them that are on that facebook page that follow it. and, well, it took off like wildfire after that. >> so, sir, hypothetically speak, if these proposals do become law, if someone were to call the sheriff's office asking for help with a weapon that was ruled illegal, are you going to tell those people that they need to call the local atf or the local fbi for help? >> if you are responding to
8:36 am
scenes, do you ever respond to scenes of shootings? are you on duty to have any sheriff's deputies respond to criminal actions where guns might be used in the commission of a crime? >> well, yeah, we do that all the time actually, that wouldn't make any difference, whether it's a semi-automatic, with a large capacity magazine or whether it's a six-shot revolver, it wouldn't make any difference, we still respond to those types of crimes, those types of incidents, we will continue to do so. that's outside of tthe issue oft i'm talking about regarding any overreaching regulations. really what the president put out yesterday, i agree with a lot of his executive orders, and support them. you know, the mental health piece of that, that definitely needs to be addressed. it's been a huge issue, and i can speak just for oregon, but going back to the early and mid 1990s when the state fell upon
8:37 am
hard budget times, a lot of our mental health facilities were closed down and that really has turned local jails like mine into mental health facilities where we hold people for quite a while but should otherwise be in a place where they can get the right kind of treatment and the -- so they can get prepared to be mutt back in the population and be a productive member of society. or if they can't, then long-term care in one of those facilities. >> and mental health is also part of the proposals. >> i support that 100%. you know there's a proposal on background checks. i'm not sure exactly, and we're already doing that, in oregon. you know, we do a background check that would force them to buy the gun, if they go to a gun show no oregon, if they're buying from a dealer, they would do a background check right
8:38 am
there. and they ---if they're not legally able to purchase a firearm at that point, they're not allowed to do it. >> sheriff yorks, you certainly brought a lot of attention to the linn county office there. poll after poll shows public opinion leaning towards stiffer gun laws but there are some in washington that don't seem to be listening. sounding off on that is managing director of the you're listening to the sheriff there and what he feels would be turning his citizens into criminals and going over their constitutional rights. >> i these you just saw a perfect example of what frustrates the vast majority of americans. here you have a law enforcement officer. think about this, who is more endangered than law enforcement officers who right now have to show up to routine 911 calls in a home where they don't know what's on the other side of that door. i have a lot of friends who are police officers and their
8:39 am
problem is that they just want to go home at the end of the day safe to their families. but if i was a policeman, i would want to know if the person behind the door was purchasing a gun illegally, was stocking on magazines -- the vast majority of his fellow law enforcement officers around the country and organizations ahead of them agree with the idea of stiffer gun control. does he not want to get cop armor piercing guns off the street? the only thing he agrees with is mental health counseling. >> they don't know what they're showing up to. i asked him about that, is he going to be thinking about that when they're showing up on the commission of a crime the type of weapons that could be on the scene there. the one thing i want to get your
8:40 am
reaction on is even before yesterday's announcement, gun -- for gun control. i want to play this sound bite for you of someone who is organizing, begun appreciation day coming up this week. take a listen to larry ward. >> i have been watching the children as human shields show. that is now going on at the white house. readings and letters from the kids, got to do what the kids want. got to answer all their letters to santa claus. >> that appreciation days honors dr. martin luther king but also honors the civil rights movement. >> i'll be glad to fire the first shot. i am not letting my country be ruled by a dictator, i'm not letting anybody take my guns, if it goes one inch further, i'm going to start killing people. >> i'm here to tell you, 1776
8:41 am
will commence again if you try to take our firearms, it doesn't manner how many lemmings you get out there on the street begging to have their guns taken, we will not relinquish them, do you understand that? >> not only larry ward but of rush limbaugh and the guy that appeared with pierce morgan. this growing extremism that we're hearing, no one is saying that americans don't have a constitutional right, their second amendment rights to owning a gun. isn't that the bigger point, the distinction to draw here, that these proposals aren't taking guns away from people? >> absolutely. and thomas the clips that you just showed, there you have it, those are the spokes people for the pro gun side. and therein lies the problem, most of those are crazy people. those are people that definitely want background checked and checked again to make sure they're not armed. and those are the people that are arming up.
8:42 am
this idea of gun appreciation day on martin luther king jr. day, how -- then you go to rush limbaugh and his little clever and adorable attacks on the children of the president of the united states. the president of the united states is at constant risk from people with guns, the people that have been killed an assassinated in this country by guns and we protect that. people don't just want to own a gun for protection, but who want the right to take up arms against their own government. they're never going to get middle american, they're always going to be fringe and they're going to lose this debate. >> thank you for joining us, i appreciate it. a notre dame football star may soon explain how his inspiring story of overcoming tragedy is actually that have a hoax. manti te'o says he met a woman online that then became his girlfriend, but then she suddenly died. turns out the woman known only as land they kukkea never
8:43 am
existed. he was 80% sure that manti te'o was in on it and that the two, together perpetrated this fake girlfriend's death with publicity in mind. teoday releasing this statement saying that apparently what was someone's joke and sick lies was humiliating and embarrassing. nbc's john yang live in south alabama for us. by playing a game in the days after the actual death of his grandmother and the supposed death of his girlfriend, basically dying within hours of each other. dead breaking the story on this. do we know more information from te'o himself about the interaction with this alleged woman? >> reporter: well, te'o and the statement released yesterday said that they met online and communicated by telephone. that's not according to the
8:44 am
notre dame athletic director jack swartzer who had a press conference last night. te'o says he never met this woman face to face, that all their communications was online and by telephone. this is one of the sort of the questions that only te'o himself can answer and we are sort of waiting to hear. there are many things that notre dame officials are saying they can't answer or that they feel are manti te'o's story to tell, not their story to tell so they're deferring to him. when we're going to hear more from te'o we don't know, there was some suggestion from the notre dame athletic director last night that perhaps we could be hearing from te'o today, what form that would take, where that would happen, we don't know. these things are up in the air. but that's really what we're waiting for next is to hear his more details from him about this. >> it's just an odd story all
8:45 am
around, trying to figure out the motivation behind this. but we'll all wait and see. nbc's john yang in south bend, alabama for us. coming up, 50 shades goes to college, the book that so many women could not put down, right now the focus of a clij force. the american university professor teaching that class, "50 shades of gray" next. w comp. it's the best because it has something for all of our cats! and after a couple of weeks she was part of the family. we're so lucky that lucy picked us. [ female announcer ] purina cat chow complete. and for a delicious way to help maintain a healthy weight, try new purina cat chow healthy weight.
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college kids and nontraditional students listen up, because the best selling and much discussed 50 shades trilogy is heading to college tonight. professor woods is teaching a class on the fifth shades trilogy. joining me now, american universitied a underprofessor steph woods. it's great to have you here. explain how people that might be in this class tonight if it could be a little bit of a bait and switch, if it's not directly about this trilogy. >> well the trilogy is going to be used as a starting point or a
8:49 am
case study to discuss larger issues critically. so, yes, the students unfortunately, or fortunately depending on your perspective have to read an additional 60 sources, everything from journal articles to college textbook chapters to marketing reports and mayo clinic information sheets. >> why does this book make such a great case study? >> i think much like anything within liberal arts education, we're using it as a jumping off point. it's so popular. it's such a resounding success and it made me think about issues within female sexuality, the double standards which apply, health issues presented themselves in the book. and would this have been possible, the success and if it wasn't in a digital age, people weren't reading this. >> this is has been a big hype in the media based on the
8:50 am
success of it and how long can the class last and how do you explain to parents who are paying tuition why this class is even relevant? >> i do believe there's a shelf life on a class like this just a few years, but what matters is the skills that the students will be learning, they'll be perfecting their editing and writing skills, their public speaking skills, their analysis skills and looking at controversial issues and health topics with an increased degree of comfort while respecting the diver negligent skill points. >> how many nontran student as opposed to tran students. >> there are 25 students here, i haven't met them all so i'll meet them tonight and find out. >> we'll get you to report back to find out how this course is going because you've got our attention.
8:51 am
american university professor steph woods, we're going to be right back after this. smoothes, lifts, defies? red jars are all the same right? wrong! you need three uses of a $15 cream to equal the moisturizing power of one use of regenerist microsculpting cream. seems not all red jars are created equal. olay regenerist.
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>> on monday washington celebrates the capitol city prepping for a big day of fanfare. although a much more toned down version of the fest four years ago. politico's deputy white house editor edward isaac. great to have you here. this is supposed to be a bipartisan celebration, but how is that going to go over with the tone currently in d.c. right now? >> good morning, thomas. it is a tricky moment for the president, obviously, as he pushes forward on debt ceiling negotiations, on the big guns package he released yesterday, and, of course, with immigration. on monday it will all be about the president and the inauguration and the party that will be going on in washington. >> one big difference this year is the fact that the president decided to accept corporate dollars for the inauguration. however, the inaugural committee has said that this will be a toned down celebration as to what was seen in america four years ago. so what can the public truly
8:55 am
expect? >> i think we're still going to see a pretty big party. it is a presidential inauguration. it is a whole day long activity starting in the morning and going through until the last of those inaugural balls are finished on monday night. >> what do we know about the amount of people that d.c. is going to be crushed by, and also, the speech, the inauguration's speech, the tone that the president will set. >> well, the president is a guy who thinks a lot about his place in history, his place as president. he has spept a lot of time working on the inaugural speech with that in mind. we don't whan the crowds will be, but they will be big. the barricades are already going up all over washington. the stands for the parade, it's going to be a big, big event. >> it's supposed to be cold for this one, right? >> it is. it was cold for the last one too. >> all right. so people that were there the last time, just wear the same thing, and you'll be fine. hats, gloves, good to go. politico's edward isaac dolbert. thank you. >> we're going to have a
8:56 am
day-long special coverage of the president's inauguration on monday right here on msnbc. the place for politics. you must be here for that. thanks for your time today. that's going wrap things up for me. see you back here tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. eastern time, but don't go anywhere. "now" wal exwagner coming your way next. what's coming up? >> hey, thomas. _#now is the time. president obama takes his gun safety proposals to the people while the far right takes it to the fringe. we will discuss with glen tlush, benjamin wallace wells, march yea theresa tumar. republicans gather for an annual confab. are they more in need of a retreat or rehab? and a hostage standoff brings new concerns about u.s. for the reason policy in the middle east. we will discuss the challenges ahead with nbc news foreign correspondent amman. all that when "now" starts in a mere 180 seconds. [ male announcer ] if you have yet to master the quiet sneeze... [ sneezes ] [ male announcer ] you may be an allergy muddler. try zyrtec® for powerful allergy relief. and zyrtec® is different than claritin®
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